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Book Review: Over You by H. M. Ward

Cover of Over You on my Kindle Fire with some flowers next to my kindle fire.

My Review:

I read this one about 4 years ago and just rediscovered it in my Kindle. I’m on a P&P adaptation/modernization/retelling kick lately as a way to meddle through this Coronavirus situation.

In this modernization, the story has basically got the same amount and usual characters from the original P&P. The differences: Jane and Elizabeth only have one more sister – Mary — and “Mr. Collins” became Collins – Elizabeth’s (not out of the closet) BFF. Both of these secondary characters played a larger role (especially Collins) within this story than in some other adaptations and the original. I actually really liked both of them though so I didn’t mind their new roles. Mary seemed full of energy! I would have loved to read a story from her perspective in this author’s world. I also enjoyed Collin’s storyline and his friendship with Liz which seemed more developed than the Darcy/Liz relationship.

While I loved following along with the hate to love storyline of Darcy and Elizabeth and of course some of the more “heated” moments between the two, I felt like their relationship didn’t develop for me. I felt that we never really saw them get to know each other well enough to fall in love. Their interactions were either them being snarky to each other, Darcy not saying anything or them making out in some way. I don’t know—their romance just wasn’t my favorite as it had been in other adaptations.

I was also a bit conflicted with Elizabeth’s (Liz) character in this story. I really liked how she was helping her father’s businesses, but I would have really loved to have seen more of this side of her. Additionally, I would have liked to have seen more maturity from her character – she just seemed a bit lacking in that within this story. 

Still, I did overall enjoy the read. It wasn’t my favorite, but it satisfied my P&P cravings. Even though this was just an okay read for me, it still might be something to pick up if you’re a P & P fan.

What are your thoughts? Have you read this or any other P&P inspired books? Let me know below!

xx Nicole Lynn

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